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Abuse:Prevention & Treatment. IntroductionAbuse is a combination of two words: “Abnormal” (Ab) and “Use” to form “Ab-use”. For a fact, abuse is rampant. Abuse takes different forms and is everywhere. Abuse occurs in private and public places. Parents abuse children. Strangers abuse others. Spouses abuse each other in the name of love. Various governments at […]

Drug and Substance Misuse: Resist the Temptation. 1What is a drug?Part IV Section 44 of Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Act 1990 described and gave definitions to what constitute drugs and substances.In this article and to make things simple for us, I will look at drugs from two other definitions. The first definition is […]

The elderly are special group of people whose healthcare needs are unique. For our purpose, we can say an elder is anyone who is 65 years old and above. The old age group as they are sometimes called do suffer from degenerative diseases such as wear and tear of osteoarthritis, dementia (degenerative diseases of the […]

Introduction: Sleep is a natural occurrence in every human being and indeed in almost all living things including some plants! In the case of human beings, there are good reasons why we need sleep. Our brain and our mind (wherever the mind may be) is the driving force of all our activities. The activities of […]