Up-Coming Proposal For Research

Research. Starting January 2018.

Proposal: We are embarking on a proposal to conduct a research into the reproductive hormones in both women and men in Nigeria and their impact in health as well as in causation of diseases.

Objective: To determine the serum levels of reproductive endocrinological hormones among the population in Nigeria. Hitherto, diagnostic centers in Nigeria uses Western Hemisphere values to assess the said hormones in the target population in question. Its necessary to compare the values in the subject population with other regions of the world.

The Theory:  Testosterone along with estrogen (estradiol) are responsible for a host of physiological functions and also some identified pathologies in both men and women. The role of environment in influencing the functions of said hormones is well documented. No research is however, yet in existence that determines their serum levels and their roles in causation of diseases among the population in question.

The research will focus on the impact of the environment and genetics in causing the variations of diseases observed in the target population as compared to other regions of the world.

Further inquiries: Please use our contact page to contact us for further information ( for example for assistance and sponsorship).

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