Dr. Abdul Kokori

About Dr. Abdul Kokori

Dr Abdul Kokori is a Mental Productivity Consultant, Information Security Manager, Certified Brain Based Trainer, Certified Thinking Instructor (CTI) with over twenty years’ experience in Banking, Consulting and Education.) He is a prolific presenter.

A member of several professional bodies. A highly sought–after dynamic speaker in Nigeria.
Dr. Kokori holds Bachelor of Science degree ( B.Sc.) in Psychology from University of Sokoto ( Now Usman Dan Fodio University), a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from Federal University of Technology Akure.

A Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Behavioral Science (Psychology) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (cognitive) (Ph.D.) from Colorado State University, Colorado U.S.A (Research focus “Memory, Learning and Metacognition”)

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