Medico-Legal: The Law and Medicine

….Never Be Caught Unaware.

Healthcare and the law certainly meet and transects at some points. The meeting point(s) is called medico-legal and may also be referred to as forensic analysis of a medical practice (See our article on Forensic Medicine and Coroner Cases).

Medical Malpractice and Clinical Negligence are not uncommon occurrences the world over. Personal Injury(PI) claims are real. The damage is certain.

We play multiple roles as follows:

1. We provide Consultancy Service to the Health Professionals(Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and so forth), seeking to advise clinicians on ethics, code of conduct, legal implications for their clinical actions and possible strategy for defense in the event of litigation, or in an action before the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) or similar respective allied regulatory bodies.

2. We provide Consulting Service to victims and clinical clients who feel injured by a clinician. Apart from clinical matters, our role extends to advising clients on use of forensic tools and coroner matters on how to resolve relevant suspicious events.

3. We work with relevant legal professionals that may be representing either of above listed parties ( 1 or 2) to advance their respectively causes.

We, (THE HOSPITAL ) are at the forefront of medico-legal education in Nigeria, informing the healthcare professionals about their duties and the general public about their rights.

Please read our article on Personal Injuries.

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