Online Consultation

Your Online Consultation Options

We make healthcare and medical delivery simple. If you are unable to reach us physically in The Hospital, you may benefit from our Online Consultation service. Provided that you have first registered on our database, or you are an existing client, you may access our Online Consultation Service which take the form of:
1. Video via this website or applicable messenger apps ( We use Whatsapp).
2. Video via relevant Partner’s Application (Apps). For this, we must have confirmed that you have either registered online or you are an existing billable client.
3. In absence of video consultation, we may provide email advice depending on individual circumstances. This is an email service.
In this case, you may first contact us by any of the means listed in our Contact Page.

Note: The law and medical professional code of conducts do not allow us to provide virtual medical treatment to unregistered or unknown individuals. General and non-committal advice may however be provided to you in an event of emergency. In such a case, you will be advised to visit a qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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