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Check our database of index of illnesses to find out what your current symptoms mean

Note: For the moment , we use third party platforms to unable you access the facility to check your symptoms. Manifestation of human diseases are similar subject to cultural and environmental variations as well as little personal differences. A symptom is the manifestation of an illness in the way you, as a patient sees it: the way you feel. A sign is what a clinician such as a doctor, can see and demonstrate.

1. If you are in the United Kingdom, please use the facility here

2. If you are in the USA, you may please check your symptoms here or here

3. For all other places, use this one or you may contact us for assistance or use this facility here

4. Alternatively you can chat with us on whatsapp /applicable platforms, or call us or visit us. You may also read our books articles / write -ups to help your situation.

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