Online CME Courses

Please note from 2018-2019 fee per 5 CME points is N10,000 or US$60 or GBP50. Older lower fee that may be indicated elsewhere in this website is invalid. 

The following courses are available as Online CME Courses. More are being added. Please click any to select. Please contact us here or tel: +2348188343865 if you need assistance.

1. Current and Recent Advances in Management of Menopause. 5 -CME Points. N10,000 or US$60- GBP50.

2.   Counselling And Psychology In Mental Health. 5-CME/CPD-POINTS. (N10,000/$60/£50)

3. Engaging Patients to Take Charge of Their Health Care: A Strategic Approach. 5 CME Points (N10,000/US$60/GP£50)

4. Prevention and Dealing With Clinical Negligence Including Malpractice. 5 CME/CPD Points. (N10,000/$60/GBP50)

5. Marketing For Doctors and Allied Healthcare Professionals. 5 CME points (N10,000/GBP50/US$60)

6. Communication and Customer Care for Clinicians(N10,000/$60).

7. Review of Practical Clinical Ultrasonography(N10,000/$60).

8. Updates in Family Planning and Contraception(N10,000/$60)

9. Clinical Governance and Accountability for Clinicians(N10,000/US$60)

10. Human Resources Management for Doctors and Allied Clinicians(N10,000/US$60

11. Strategies for Healthcare Business Succession and Continuity Including the Imperative For Wills and Testament/N10,000/US$60)

12. Starting or Running Healthcare Business. Tactics and Strategies  (5 CME Points}N10,000/US$60

13. Management of Rape. 5 CME Points. N10,000. US$60

14. Management of Infertility and Gynaecologic Disorders (5 CME Points, N10,000/$60)

15. Management of Common Neonatal Disorders. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50)

16. Current management of Common Psychiatry Disorders. 5-CME: N10,000.00/ $60.00

17. Basic Surgical Tools and Surgical Materials. CME 5 Points. N10,000//US$60/GBP50.

18. Hepatitis B, Management and Prevention. CME 5 Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

19. Healthcare Business Development and Enterpreneur. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

20. Management of Asthma. CME 5 Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

21. Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome. CME 5 Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

22. Management of Anaemia. 5 CME points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

23. Management of Anaphylaxis. 5 CME Points, N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

24. Management of Endocrine Emergencies. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

25. Management of Gynaecological Emergencies. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

26. Management of HIV. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

27. Management of Hypertensive Emergencies. 5 CME Points. 10,000/US$60/GBP50.

28. Management of Sickle Cell Diesease. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

29. Management of Stroke. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

30. Management of Upper GI Bleeding. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

31. Prevention of Infant Mortality. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

32. Strategic Healthcare Leadership. 5 CME Points. N10,000/US$60/GBP50.

Payment can be made to our Corporate account in Nigeria: Account for Strategic Insight Healthcare at Ecobank a/c 3752028635; Sort Code 050151938 or at Fidelity Bank 4010834999; Sort Code 070150980 or Zenith Bank: Account 1013784042; Sort Code: 057150770. You may pay at the event venue via cheque, cash or by POS Terminal. If you prefer, please pay online by Paypal via our payment addresses (either one is acceptable) (UK Paypal) or (Nigeria Paypal).

If you need assistance, please contact us on Tel: +234-8188343865; +234-8108652639 or +2348073188087 or use our online contact form

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